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Sånnahult Kurrebo 4 – ‘The pearl of Småland’ Kurrebo is a well-known and popular tourist destination, famous for being the ‘pearl’ of Småland.
Kurrebo is a multipurpose culture house for the local community as well as for tourists. It consists of a number of beautiful, classic Swedish buildings and unique gardens, including a botanical display garden, as well as a café, hostel/B&B, shop, plant school, and art gallery.    

It’s located in the middle of Åsnen close to Sweden’s newest national park, with a world class view over the lake, famous for its one thousand wild-nature islands.
Kurrebo’s core purpose has for many years been to inspire the visitor to seek and realize a happier, more balanced, and beautiful way of life.
From 2022 we add healthy living, sustainability, positive philosophy of life, and self-knowledge to the core values, which Kurrebo wants to share with the world.

Kurrebo is, with its location on a peninsula at the center of the lake Åsnen – 30 km long and 150 km2 big, with 700 km of beach – a unique and wonderful place to relax, recharge, enjoy, meet – and learn.
Kurrebo offers simple, yet high quality products and services, and shares a friendly life philosophy, all driven by the love for Swedish nature, architecture, culture and people and with a strong emphasis on community care.