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Farfars Bakeri Menu

Welcome to Farfars Bakeri! Vegetarian food doesn’t need to be boring – try our delicious homemade lunch or dinner buffets, freshly baked cakes, fine teas and hot coffee. In the Summer we also offer a nice breakfast buffet with homemade bread etc.

We always also offer a variety of vegan and gluten free choices. If you are in a hurry, just come by for take-away. We love to give you great food for a great price!

Water  Free
Soda 0,3 l (Coke, Fanta etc.)  25 kr
Soda 0,5 l (Coke, Fanta etc.) 30 kr
Coffee  25 kr
Hot lemonade (blueberry, black currant) 30 kr
Homemade lemonade 30 kr
Tea (black, green, herbal, mint, organic home-grown camomile, etc.)  25 kr
Fine teas (see our tea menu) 45 kr
XXL Tea Mug 59 kr
Chai Tea 35 kr
Fresh mint tea (in season) 30 kr
Hot wine (alcohol free), big glass w almonds and raisins (in season)  35 kr
Hot chocolate 25 kr
Hot chocolate w whipped cream  30 kr
Cold chocolate  20 kr
Juice 200 ml 10 kr
Warm milk (glass)  10 kr