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Wanted for varied work at cafe & vegetarian restaurant
Youth workers under the age of 20 are wanted for Kurrebo. Salary according to agreement with the Hotel and Restaurant Union. You are positive, energetic, social and speak good Swedish and a little English.

Contact by email: with photo and phone number and with a few lines about yourself and possibly work experience.


We also offer internships for students from Sweden or abroad. 

We are extremely happy that you want to come. For us work is a celebration of life. A  Positive attitude to work is extremely important for a good life and here at Kurrebo & Farfars Bakeri we want to use everybody’s skills and talents everyday. Growing and learning is an important part of working as well as living. We know that a high work moral doesn’t come easy. It grows slowly out of realising how much fun it is to do a good job. We hope to give you an understanding of this in the short time you will be with us. Prepare to work hard and prepare for a lot of fun!

For more info write to: