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Events & Catering

At Kurrebo we host everything from private events like weddings, birthdays or job gatherings to public events like christmas markets, harvest festivals and more!

Write us and email to for more informations. We are happy to fit everything to your needs and budget!

Here some ideas:

  • How about a reservation in the beautiful garden with a “fika package” starting at 60 kr per person or some great vegetarian lunch for only 79kr. Or how about your own cake with candles for the birthday party?
  • We can also reserve you a private room for example for your company meeting! With an ongoing supply of coffee and drinks as well as lunch and fika for only 160 kr per person (excl. room)
  • Or a big party in our big barn for more than 100 people! We offer extravagant vegetarian dinner, drinks and beautfiul decoration in a great surrounding.
  • You can even add a sleepover to your stay by renting some of our cozy dorm rooms!