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Opening Date: 1st of June 2022

Opening Party: 6th of June 2022

Short information about Kurrebo:

Welcome to Kurrebo! This pearl at lake Åsnen had been abandoned for years but is now
back in new hands and opening for the public again from the 1st of June 2022. The unique
concept with a café, great vegetarian buffet, playground, shop, plant school, hostel, and
more is a wonderful spot for families, friends and sports enthusiasts!
Discover the wonderful nature and learn about our upcoming nature projects. Take a walk
or a swim in the lake, rent a bicycle, a kayak, or a canoe. Kurrebo in Småland, only 40 km
from Sweden’s southern coast line, is the obvious place to relax, be yourself – and enjoy!


“Pearl of Småland” opens its doors again!
Kurrebo, which is well known for being Småland’s “pearl”, will finally re-open on June 6, 2022.
The place has been well known and very popular with both international and Swedish tourists.
Kurrebo was much loved and liked by people, and many thought it was very sad that it was
closed and deserted for so long.
After its closure in 2016, Kurrebo’s fate has been unclear for a long time. But now finally its next
chapter has begun, and has now been given new life with the new owners Paulina and Søren
who have already had great success with the café and restaurant “Mormors Bakeri ” in
“The moment we saw the property, we knew it was the place we needed, and that the place
needed us!” says Paulina Kordova. She continues: “A wonderful place like Sånnahult Kurrebo 4
you have to share. We know that the place is considered to have national weight and it is
exceptionally beautiful. We intend to keep the place open and welcome everyone in the future. ”
A jury carefully chose who would buy Sånnahult Kurrebo by scoring. Sören and Paulina were
chosen according to their joy-spreading purpose and their many years of experience.
Kurrebo is a culture house with many different purposes for the local community as well as for
tourists. It consists of a number of beautiful, classic Swedish buildings and unique gardens,
including a botanical display garden, as well as a café, hostel, shop, nursery and art gallery.
It is located in the middle of Åsnen National Park, with a world-class view known for its
thousands of wild nature islands and beautiful forests.
Kurrebo’s core purpose is to inspire visitors to seek and realize a happier and healthier way of
It is a wonderful place where you can relax, recharge your batteries, enjoy life, meet people and
learn. Kurrebo offers simple but high-quality products and services and shares a friendly
philosophy of life, all driven by a love of Swedish nature, architecture, culture and people and
with an emphasis on community care.
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Opening Party 6th of June

Kurrebo is opening its doors again!
We would like to invite you to join our grand re-opening of Kurrebo on the 6th of June
starting at 12:00!
Kurrebo’s future had been uncertain for quite some time. But we are happy to announce
that this pearl at the great lake Åsnen is open to the public again.
Join us for a great cup of coffee, fika or a wonderful vegetarian meal. Explore the beautiful
nature and lake with your family. Have a look through our shop full of handpicked items or
browse the many different organic fruit trees.
We are excited to share this great new journey with you. We wish for Kurrebo to be a place
for everyone – where you can come together and just be yourself.
See you soon!
Paulina and Søren
From Kurrebo

See the full program here: program 6th of June