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Celebrate Life – Ceremony with Yoga and more

Tuesday & Friday 16th and 19th of July 2024

Hi, my name is Marloes.. I come from Holland.
I’m 44 and emigrated to Sweden a year ago with my family.
I’m hosting a “sneak peak Ceremony” at the beautiful Kurrebo.

Tuesday the 16th and Friday the 19th of July at 2 o’clock.
With some yoga, meditation, breathwork, and medicine songs –
to remember how it feels to truly connect with your heart and body.

“For me, a ceremony is nothing more than opening your heart for each other and especially for yourself! Listen… feel… and see.. Release what’s not needed anymore on your beautiful path of life.”

My family and I are hosting small ceremonies and more at our home at Törnamåla, Tingsryd. We would also love to bring ceremony to you.
In exchange for some help on our property or gifts from the heart.
This ceremony is only 1,5 hours.
Bring a cushion and a blanket.
Check our website:

With love,
Marloes Remon Finn and Liam